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About iQuickie Games
The iQuickie Games series of games for the iPhone and iPod touch are designed to ....
  • provide a quick and fun gaming experience - hence, iQuickie Games
  • provide unique, innovative and useful features - not frills
  • not require double digit MB's of memory - you've got more important things to store
  • not think it's OK to just turn off your music - that's what an iPod is for
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Use the form below to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions about iQuickie Games and/or iYacht.

NOTE: On March 3, 2011, Hasbro was able to convince Apple to remove iYacht from the App Store.  They felt that iYacht was infringing on their YAHTZEE® trademark in a couple ways:

1) I had changed the name to iYacht-Z, which they felt was too similar to YAHTZEE®.

2) I was using YAHTZEE® as a keyword.

I'm hoping to have these 2 issues resolved and iYacht back in the App Store soon.

YAHTZEE® is a registered trademark of Hasbro, Inc.

iQuickie Games, Inc. is not affiliated with Hasbro, Inc.

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